Quo Vadimus??

NATALIE: Quo Vadimus?

DANA: Yeah.

NATALIE: Who are they?

DANA: We don’t know.

NATALIE: What does it sound like they do?

DANA: Quo Vadimus?


DANA: It sounds like they’re the official airline of the Holy Roman Empire.

NATALIE: Well, they’re probably not that.


NATALIE: Can’t make any money doing that.

STRANGER: In the 3-day history of our relationship, have I ever been wrong about anything?

DANA: Look–

STRANGER: Dana, I’m what the world considers to be a phenomenally successful man, and I’ve failed much more than I’ve succeeded. And each time I fail, I get my people together and I say, “Where are we going?” And it starts to get better. And that’s what you should do.

DANA: That’s it?


DANA: “Where are we going?”


DANA:…but… I don’t know. I don’t even know– I don’t even know what the hell “quo vadimus” means. Does anybody know what “quo vadimus” means?

JEREMY: It means, “Where are we going?”

DANA: Well, that’s fine but– What?

JEREMY: It’s Latin. It means, “Where are we going?”

From Sports Night : Written by Aaron Sorkin :  Season 2 Episode 22 : Original Air Date 16 May 2000

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