Ramblings about myself

Blogging and publishing have been a quiet ambition of mine at multiple points in life. Once I was going to write angst filled diatribes about love and finding beauty in pain and how the lyrics to some new punk song spoke to my soul. (That phase lasted about a week back in college.)

Another time I imagined writing anonymously about the human experience. I was going to be a popular, mysterious, prolific author who eventually wrote a book and got interviewed on The Daily Show by Jon Stewart. This phase lasted a little longer, but only because I’ve always wanted to meet Job Stewart. (was anyone else visited by onion cutting ninjas during his final show?) * Then for a while I just figured I had nothing to say.

Now, I realize I have plenty of things to say, I just don’t think anyone will want to read them.

They say write what you know. Well, I drank the Apple kook-aid a long time ago. Apple computers were always a hobby of mine and about 10 years ago, they became a career. So, while part of me will be over in the corner, still freaking out that I found a career doing something I actually enjoy, another part of me has decided to write about it.

I haven’t learned how to write legible code or develop my own apps (yet!), and my bash scripting still sucks (the loops on a notification script I tested make me want to cry, and I wrote it!), but I do think I have a talent for putting things together. There are a lot of great MacAdmins out there, some of whom I get to call my friends, and I try to take advantage of the tools they’ve created. I’ll defer to their blogs for all the awesome details, and then you can pop back over here and I’ll tell the tales of battling the Proxy Monster to get those fun tools to work.

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